Create a warm, reliable and safe home.

Have you ever been in a home heated by radiators? If so, you know the quality of warmth they create in a home. What if you could get that same quality from your heat pump system?

Well, you can! The Heat Pump Helper™ package by Bindus™ helps you upgrade your heat pump by changing out the hair dryer style heat with a radiator coil, using the same ductwork you already have. In combination with a handful of components, your heat pump system will give you high efficiency warmth regardless of the weather.

To upgrade your safety, a Propane or Natural Gas whole house generator can be added to the mix. That way, you don’t have to worry about freezing in your home even when the power goes out! Because you upgraded your heat pump into a dual-fuel system, the generator can provide enough electricity to power all of the Heat Pump Helper™ components.

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