Hydro-Air Heating Systems 101

Here’s a great article from Today’s Homeowner about hydroheat systems. We at Bindus Manufacturing believe heating homes with hot water is the best way to do it and it’s always good to see when others agree! Heat Pump Helper™ products were designed to help overcome the largest stumbling block which is that few homeowners know about it, making it a niche solution.

Propane Promotes Adoption of Heat Pump Helper

Bindus Manufacturing’s Heat Pump Helper™ brand continues to get recognition as a leading innovator of simplifying dual-fuel heat pumps. The Propane Education and Research Council has endorsed the concept and is offering rebates to help the market feel the benefits of AQUECOIL® and Heat Pump Helper™ by Bindus!

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LPGas Magazine – Space Heating Solution

What does the aptly named Heat Pump Helper™ (HPH) mean for the propane industry and the marketers willing to promote it to their customers?

Brian Richesson over at LPGas Magazine recently interviewed some industry leaders about the Heat Pump Helper™ solution by Bindus™. In the article, he explains the overall concept, explores some history and delves into thoughts from industry leaders.

What’s the overall feeling? All things considered, it looks like the Heat Pump Helper® is going to be a great addition to the industry!

Soft-Start Kits Pair Up Great with Heat Pump Helper™

Here’s another great idea from PERC! Many HVAC systems have a “hard start” creating a spike in electrical amperage demand. Soft-Start kits, like ActiveStart from Active Controls, lower the peak demand on startup. Combining that with the Heat Pump Helper™ system from Bindus Manufacturing allows for the use of much smaller, more affordable home generators.

Check out the link below and see how else AQUECOIL® and Heat Pump Helper™ by Bindus can help you stay comfortable when the power goes out. Links to examples of all the various components are in the article.

PERC – Hybrid Heat Pump Solution

Check out the informational article from the Propane Education & Research Council to see how the Heat Pump Helper™ system, with AQUECOIL®, helps improve home comfort and security. By reducing peak usage, affordable grid resilience is a reality! Protect your family from winter storms and overloaded electrical grid failures.

Note that the “hydronic air handler” component referenced in their video can actually be a combination of an AQUECOIL® HHU and ANY heat pump air handler brand of your choice. No matter which HVAC brand is your favorite, we support you!

PMMag – “Hydronicize” Those Heat Pumps!

2023 is the 30th Anniversary of AQUECOIL® Hydronic Heating Units so the concept of upgrading heat pumps using hot water is no spring chicken. That said, here’s an article written by John Siegenthaler, P.E. for Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine back in the year 2000. Nearly all of it still applies today, even with all the advances in heat pump technology.

The Heat Pump Helper™ system takes a tried-and-true idea that was historically marginalized because of complex installations… And makes it simpler!

LPGas Magazine – Hydroheat and Heat Pump Helper™

Randy Doyle, a contributor to LPGas Magazine recently wrote an article about the Heat Pump Helper™ system and benefits when used with Propane. As a 40-year industry veteran, he knows his stuff!

Why would a Heat Pump need help?

Maybe a better question is, “When does a heat pump need help?” In this article from The News, Mercurio does his best to explain the when and the why.

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