Soft-Start Kits Pair Up Great with Heat Pump Helper™

Here’s another great idea from PERC! Many HVAC systems have a “hard start” creating a spike in electrical amperage demand. Soft-Start kits, like ActiveStart from Active Controls, lower the peak demand on startup. Combining that with the Heat Pump Helper™ system from Bindus Manufacturing allows for the use of much smaller, more affordable home generators.

Check out the link below and see how else AQUECOIL® and Heat Pump Helper™ by Bindus can help you stay comfortable when the power goes out. Links to examples of all the various components are in the article.

PMMag – “Hydronicize” Those Heat Pumps!

2023 is the 30th Anniversary of AQUECOIL® Hydronic Heating Units so the concept of upgrading heat pumps using hot water is no spring chicken. That said, here’s an article written by John Siegenthaler, P.E. for Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine back in the year 2000. Nearly all of it still applies today, even with all the advances in heat pump technology.

The Heat Pump Helper™ system takes a tried-and-true idea that was historically marginalized because of complex installations… And makes it simpler!

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